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Good Food Choices for Summertime Smiles

When the warm weather rolls around, many of us take the opportunity to roll out the red carpet. Afternoon brunches, evening barbecues, and all manner of festivities fill the months of summer. That means lots of opportunities to make food choices that will both thrill your guests and promote healthy smiles. It’s Crunch Time! It… Read More »

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Are you Ready for Some Q & A?

We love answering the questions our patients have about our services, our training, or their dental health. Sometimes, though, we also like to turn the tables. That is exactly what we will do here, in this brief quiz to test your knowledge of oral health and dentistry. True or False To get straight teeth, choose… Read More »

Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay: The Struggle is Real!

Much of the time, cavities are a problem that occurs throughout childhood. This could be because it takes us a long time to develop the kind of oral care habits that prevent bacteria from making headway in their attack on enamel. It could be any number of factors. But once we reach adulthood, we expect… Read More »

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Put the Bite on These Bad Dental Habits

Our teeth are tougher than the linebackers playing for the New Orleans Saints. But therein lies the rub. They are so tough that we tend to take them for granted. We do all sorts of bad things to our teeth believing that they’ll forever keep chomping away on our behalf. Dr. Aguilar and Dr. Celino… Read More »

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