Reasons to Consider CEREC

CERECYou need a dental crown. When many patients here this news from their dentist, they feel disappointed. Not because their tooth has been damaged (although that is a bummer!), but because to have a crown means another couple of visits. It means messy impressions and it means having to have a temporary crown placed, and then removed, from the tooth that needs repair. This seems like a hassle from the get-go.  At Fleur de Lis Dental Care in New Orleans, we have simplified this process by adding CEREC to our menu of services.

CEREC is a method of tooth restoration that cuts out the middle-man, the dental lab. By doing this, we significantly cut the amount of time a patient must spend attending to a singular dental problem. In most cases, the entire restorative process is completed in a couple of hours.

The CEREC Advantage

Because CEREC crowns are often referred to as same-day crowns, there is a perception that the primary benefit of this method is the convenience of a single visit. There is no doubt that there is a clear advantage to preparing the tooth, making the crown, and seating the restoration in a single visit. However, CEREC offers additional benefits that are worth a look.

The fact that same-day crowns do not require traditional impression-taking is a rather big deal. If you have ever had impressions taken, you know what we mean. Most patients have a bit of a problem with the messiness of the goopy material used to make a model of the teeth. With CEREC, the 3D image needed to fabricate a crown is obtained with an intraoral camera. The pictures of the tooth are processed in a software program that achieves the accuracy needed to create a well-fitting restoration that needs minimal “fine-tuning.”

Another aspect of the CEREC restoration that is appealing to patients is the lack of metal in the final product. Crowns are carved out of a solid block of dental ceramic, a strong and durable material that matches the shade of enamel for each patient. Without metal, there is also no concern related to the dark line that is typical of the standard PFM crown.

We would like to help you avoid the need for a dental crown. But if restoration becomes necessary, know that you have options with your New Orleans dentist. Call  504-486-3339 to schedule your visit with us.


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