Cosmetic Dentistry Aims to Please

Cosmetic Dentistry Aims to PleaseThere is no formal category in dentistry for cosmetic treatments. There are, however, dedicated dentists who have committed time to additional training in the area of cosmetic dentistry. The team at Fleur de Lis Dental Care in New Orleans understands the value of high-quality care. We love seeing the smile that customized cosmetic dental care can put on a patient’s face. As such, we continually put a great deal of focus and artistry into every treatment designed to bring out the best in a smile.

Varying Needs Addressed with Personal Cosmetic Dentistry

There are several methods used in cosmetic dentistry today, much more than ever before. Patients who are interested in enhancing their appearance with cosmetic dentistry are encouraged to complete our Smile Analysis. This enables us to tailor a treatment plan to achieve the desired outcome. Making over your smile doesn’t have to mean a full restoration of every tooth. What it may involve is:

  • Teeth whitening. Such a simple treatment, yet such amazing results! We perform in-office teeth whitening, and also offer KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ for patients who want to obtain the maximum results with minimal (if any) sensitivity. Sometimes, all the smile needs is a boost of brightness!
  • Chips, cracks, gaps and other problems degrade the smile. We offer two types of veneers to reinstate a natural appearance with minimal enamel disruption if any. Veneers are made from dental ceramics that mimic the appearance of enamel. The advantage of a veneer versus your enamel surface? No staining!
  • Teeth were straightening. Getting straighter teeth used to involve many months in braces. Not anymore. In our office, patients may reach their desired goal with either Invisalign or another innovative system, Six Month Smiles. Each protocol is geared for comfort, discretion, and efficiency.

Improved Outcomes thanks to Innovative Thinking

Dentistry is an ever-evolving field in which new materials and techniques are continually refined. This makes our job an exciting one because we get to constantly pass along the advantages of high-quality ceramics and methodology to extend the life of the smile to our patients.

Would you like to see how we can help you achieve your smile goals? Call 504-486-3339 to schedule a consultation.



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