Tooth Decay: The Struggle is Real!

Tooth DecayMuch of the time, cavities are a problem that occurs throughout childhood. This could be because it takes us a long time to develop the kind of oral care habits that prevent bacteria from making headway in their attack on enamel. It could be any number of factors. But once we reach adulthood, we expect for the struggle to fade away. For many, it does; but not for everyone. If you would describe yourself as “cavity prone” but you brush and floss your teeth daily, there could be other factors at play. Understanding what those are, you are better able to overcome them and enjoy lasting oral health.

Minding those Spaces

Your dentist may have told you that a fair percentage of surface enamel exists in between your teeth. For this reason, you could think of flossing as a secondary “brushing.” Since toothbrush bristles cannot fit in between each set of teeth, the only way to clean these areas is with floss. That’s one way that cavity development can be inhibited. Another way is to correct misalignment. When there is too little space between two teeth, or two teeth are overlapping, tiny bits of food can become stuck. And where there is debris, bacteria will follow. Talk with your dentist about the best way to correct even minor misalignment.

Go with the Flow

Saliva flow is something we take for granted. The presence of saliva in the mouth is expected; it is normal. But there are certain circumstances in which the mouth can become chronically dry. One is the use of certain medications or therapies like chemotherapy. Another is dehydration. If you notice that your mouth is dry more often than not, keep a water bottle within reach and develop the habit of sipping water a few times every hour during the day. Sugarless gum may also encourage saliva flow that dilutes sugar residue and acids in the mouth.

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