Don’t Fall for Fallacies!

Don't Fall for Fallacies!We know from just about every self-help guru that has ever lived that what we believe shapes our reality. This relates to every aspect of life, from what we believe about ourselves to the beliefs we have developed around certain things in life, things like dentistry. In our New Orleans office, we see just how crucial it is to have an open mind when it comes to the care you receive. In particular, we have seen a few fallacies, or false beliefs, stand between patients and their ideal form of tooth replacement: dental implants. Are you telling yourself any of these stories?

“That tooth doesn’t need to be replaced.”

Not so long ago or far away, this was quite common, to lose a tooth and never replace it. The commonality of toothlessness just before the 1900s had nothing to do with telling stories about “not needing tooth replacement.” It had more to do with the lack of appropriate restorative care. At this time in history, we have more options than our ancestors, so why not take advantage of them? When you do not replace a tooth, the teeth around that space are required to do more work. This makes them vulnerable and susceptible to cracks and other damage.

“I’m too old for such a permanent treatment.”

The idea that age has anything to do with the type of tooth replacement you get is irrelevant and should not be given any space to take hold. People in their eighties can get dental implants just as easily as people in their forties. More than age as a requirement, dentists look at general oral and physical health. If you are young enough to want to eat a variety of foods, rather than only those that are soft, you are young enough to get dental implants.

“It’s too much to get dental implants.”

Questions or concerns related to the cost of dental implants may be the most common we hear. This treatment does call for an initial investment that is higher than, say, a bridge or denture. But to see the overall value of implants, you must look to the future. These fixtures that stabilize replacement teeth should stay intact for life, which makes them quite cost-effective compared to the alternatives.

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