Let’s Look at the New and Improved way to Replace Missing Teeth

Teeth ReplacementWhen our great-grandparents faced tooth loss, there was a good chance that they would live out their lives with fewer teeth. Our grandparents may have fared better, having the opportunity to replace missing teeth with dentures or a dental bridge. Like most things in life, tooth replacement options have evolved as new technologies and materials have become available. Today, fewer people are choosing to settle for outdated techniques. More of our patients are asking about dental implants when they visit our New Orleans office.

Here’s why…

  • Dental implants provide the degree of functionality that one might feel with natural teeth. This is because implants are tiny posts that sit in for natural roots. After they are inserted, bone immediately begins to fuse around each implant, ultimately stabilizing these fixtures in the same manner as teeth roots.
  • The stability of artificial teeth retained by implants allows one to eat a variety of foods. There is no need to restrict dietary habits to foods that are easy to chew. With implants, you can eat whatever you’d like without the concern that your dental work may not be able to pull its weight.
  • Another benefit of tooth stability cannot be over-stated, and that is the level of confidence you will feel. If you had a grandparent with dentures, it may have seemed humorous for their teeth to slip or fall out. To them, the experience was most likely quite embarrassing, even if they laughed along. When it comes to your smile, confidence should not be an element of surprise. Your teeth should, and can, stay in place at all times.
  • It doesn’t matter how many teeth you need to replace, doing so with the proper restorations will support lasting oral health. Tooth loss often leads to secondary problems, such as a struggle with gum disease or bone loss. Closing the gaps between teeth means inhibiting bacteria overgrowth, which means enjoying a healthy smile, fresh breath, and better overall wellness.

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