Five reasons your teeth might hurt and what you can do

Five reasons your teeth might hurt and what you can doIt’s probably never a good idea to ignore pain in your teeth or gums, especially if it’s been going on for a while, and you’re not due for a check-up for a few months. Mystery pain can actually be the sign of more serious trouble, so here are five of the most common complaints and what they could mean:

1.) Pain from cold

You dig into a bowl of ice cream and feel an achy pain, radiating from deep in your teeth. If cold temperatures cause pain in your teeth, it might not be serious, and you may just want to start using toothpaste for sensitive teeth. But if the pain persists, you may have a cavity or broken filling. That means you need to see your dentist, the sooner the better.

2.) Pain all over your mouth

If the discomfort you feel is all over your mouth, you may have gum disease from not sufficiently brushing and flossing. See your dentist for a professional cleaning.

3.) Irritation in certain areas of your mouth

Your bite may be misaligned or your tooth enamel may have worn down. Your dentist can adjust your bite so you don’t put so much stress on specific teeth. And if your enamel has worn thin, avoid soda and fruit juices and brush with protective toothpaste.

4.) Painful gums

If your gums feel sore in specific areas, you may have food trapped between your teeth and under the gums. But tender gums can also be an early sign of gum disease. Or worse, the tissue inside your tooth pulp may be infected, which can cut off your root from its blood supply.

5.) Pain when you bite

If you have soreness when you chew or bite, it may be a sign you have a cracked tooth. Unfortunately, repetitive daily stress can lead to fractures, especially if the tooth has been repeatedly filled. Or you could have a cavity or infection, both reasons to see your dentist.

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