You might Love Oral Conscious Sedation!

Sleep DentistryOne of the primary goals in our New Orleans family dental office is to keep patients comfortable. The problem in many cases is, we may not get that chance. If you have moderate to severe dental anxiety, getting you to see the dentist is like, well, like pulling teeth. We would like to change your experience, and invite you to learn more about the numerous benefits of oral conscious sedation.

Oral conscious sedation takes place in our office with a tiny pill and a few hours of relaxing. It’s that simple, and it has been successful with patients who:

  • Really, really don’t like seeing the dentist. The use of Halcion, a safe and effective sedative, calms the overreactive nervous system, allowing you to undergo the treatment you need to get back on track with your oral health. Our patients are also able to sit beneath a nice, heavy blanket during their visit to maximize their sense of comfort.
  • Have a physical or mental disability. Certain health issues can make it extraordinarily difficult for a patient to sit still long enough for dental treatment. Under sedation, both the body and the mind are in a relaxed state, enabling us to safely complete necessary procedures in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • Have an aversion to long visits. One of the advantages of sedation is that patients feel as though their visit has sailed by. This effect on time is followed by mild, short-term amnesia, which means the visit is also not remembered.
  • Do not easily numb with Lidocaine. Local anesthetic makes dentistry far more comfortable, and it is necessary for restorative and cosmetic procedures. However, not all patients receive the full benefits of numbing medication equally. Some people require more injections, and that creates an unpleasant situation. When the mind is relaxed with a safe sedative administered by the dentist, the body is more responsive to local anesthetic, and fewer injections may be needed.

You don’t need to have dental anxiety to want oral conscious sedation during your next dental procedure. We’re happy to speak with you about our sedation dentistry services. Call our New Orleans office at 504-486-3339.


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