How KöR Teeth Whitening Stands Out in a Crowd

KöR Teeth WhiteningWould you like for your smile to be noticed for all the right reasons? To radiate inner beauty is something that most people attain to in some form or fashion. What better way to do this than to make sure your teeth do not become obviously discolored. Since tooth stains are an inevitable consequence of eating, the way to keep your smile bright is to see your dentist for professional whitening services. In our New Orleans office, we do this with the KöR Whitening System.

What is KöR?

All teeth whitening systems operate on the same basic principle that tiny particulates that have settled in the pores of enamel can be broken up and lifted with the right concentration of peroxide, a bleaching agent. Professional teeth whitening has been performed for decades, allowing adults of all ages to avoid the telltale signs of aging – a dull, yellow smile. The KöR system is no different. It uses no special technology or light, and yet it is recognized as one of the most efficient methods of stain-lifting today.

What sets the KöR Whitening System apart from other methods is effectiveness and power. Treatment involves wearing custom-fit whitening trays, but not just any trays. KöR trays are made to seal out saliva, a fluid that quickly degrades the potency of peroxide solutions. Another factor that degrades the bleaching agents in the whitening gel is heat. KöR gel is kept refrigerated in the manufacturing plant, during shipping, and in the dental office. Refrigeration preserves the integrity of the formula, preventing transformation to acid, which is the cause of sensitivity during the whitening process.

To have a brighter smile means to feel extra-confident in how you look. The shade of teeth is constantly affected, not only by our genes but by the foods and beverages we consume from day to day. For teeth whitening to be effective, it has to be a process that can be tolerated and performed on an as-needed basis. It also needs to be a process that provides consistent, predictable results. It is for these reasons that we are ultra-proud to offer KöR whitening to patients of our New Orleans office.

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