Consider DURAthin Veneers for a Stunning Smile Transformation

Does your imperfect smile hold you from living your best life? DURAthin veneers in New Orleans, Louisiana, can camouflage your imperfections to give you a healthy, symmetrical look. DURAthin veneers from Fleur De Lis Dental Care are super-thin porcelain laminates placed on the front-facing teeth to make your smile whiter, straighter, and more balanced. The best part? Unlike traditional veneers, DURAthin veneers are attached to your teeth without shaving your enamel!

What are DURAthin veneers?

When you have chips, unwanted gaps, severe discoloration, and other cosmetic flaws, it can be difficult to put your best smile forward. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, you don’t have to settle for a smile you don’t like. Cosmetic dentists can erase bothersome flaws to create impeccable smiles.

One of the common solutions for flawed teeth is porcelain veneers. But not with technological advancements; we have DURAthin veneers. DURAthin veneers are very thin, customized porcelain coverings bonded directly to your teeth with dental adhesives that require no enamel removal. These dental veneers are ideal for patients who want their smiles enhanced without altering their natural enamel. 

What to expect from DURAthin veneer treatment

First, you need a consultation with Dr. Jon Celino or Jorge Aguilar to examine your teeth, bite, and gums. We’ll also take the time to understand your current concerns and future smile goals. The dentist will establish whether you need immediate veneer placement or if further preliminary work is required. At a minimum, your dentist will recommend professional teeth cleaning to ensure your teeth are plaque-free. 

Unlike porcelain veneers that require trimming down of the enamel, DURAthin veneers are bonded directly to the teeth. DURAThin veneers are extremely thin, so they’re placed on the front surface of the enamel without enamel alteration. The tooth structure remains whole, and the process can be completed in a few easy appointments!

Benefits of DURAthin veneers

Everyone wishes for a stunning smile. Achieve a stunning smile with perfectly aligned, white teeth using DURAthin veneers – a fast, convenient solution. You can enjoy the amazing smile you’ve always wanted with just a couple of convenient visits. 

Besides convenience, the other benefits of DURAthin veneers include:

  • Natural look and feel
  • The treatment is reversible
  • Fast and often painless recovery time
  • There is no need for anesthesia
  • Relatively durable results

Fleur De Lis Dental Care is proud to be one of the few New Orleans, LA offices offering DURAthin veneers. If you want to get started with this treatment, please call (504) 486-3339 to reserve an appointment with our dental team.