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How KöR Teeth Whitening Stands Out in a Crowd

Would you like for your smile to be noticed for all the right reasons? To radiate inner beauty is something that most people attain to in some form or fashion. What better way to do this than to make sure your teeth do not become obviously discolored. Since tooth stains are an inevitable consequence of… Read More »

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Are you Ready for Some Q & A?

We love answering the questions our patients have about our services, our training, or their dental health. Sometimes, though, we also like to turn the tables. That is exactly what we will do here, in this brief quiz to test your knowledge of oral health and dentistry. True or False To get straight teeth, choose… Read More »

Dental Implants

Don’t Fall for Fallacies!

We know from just about every self-help guru that has ever lived that what we believe shapes our reality. This relates to every aspect of life, from what we believe about ourselves to the beliefs we have developed around certain things in life, things like dentistry. In our New Orleans office, we see just how… Read More »

Oral Conscious Sedation

You might Love Oral Conscious Sedation!

One of the primary goals in our New Orleans family dental office is to keep patients comfortable. The problem in many cases is, we may not get that chance. If you have moderate to severe dental anxiety, getting you to see the dentist is like, well, like pulling teeth. We would like to change your… Read More »


Reasons to Consider CEREC

You need a dental crown. When many patients here this news from their dentist, they feel disappointed. Not because their tooth has been damaged (although that is a bummer!), but because to have a crown means another couple of visits. It means messy impressions and it means having to have a temporary crown placed, and… Read More »

Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay: The Struggle is Real!

Much of the time, cavities are a problem that occurs throughout childhood. This could be because it takes us a long time to develop the kind of oral care habits that prevent bacteria from making headway in their attack on enamel. It could be any number of factors. But once we reach adulthood, we expect… Read More »

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