Durathin Veneers

Durathin Veneers

If you have ever thought about veneers but have hesitated because traditional veneers require the removal of natural tooth structure prior to restoring the smile, think again.

What are DuraTHIN Veneers?

Fleur de Lis Dental Care now offers DuraTHIN Veneers, a new and improved state-of-the-art veneer. They are known to be an even more incredible, precise, and beautiful product than the Lumineers© by Cerinate. Dr. Jon Celino is currently one of a handful of dentists in the nation trained to offer this wonderful product. We can give your smile a new look without removing any natural tooth structure. DuraTHIN “prepless” veneers are perfect for those who would like to enhance their smile but do not want to have their natural teeth reduced in the process. In addition, the procedure can usually be done without any numbing!

Veneer Placement

DuraTHIN porcelain veneers are unique in that they are placed on natural teeth without disturbing the natural tooth structure. Each DuraTHIN veneer is custom-designed to improve the appearance by changing a tooth’s size, angle, and/or color. The extremely thin layer of porcelain is then bonded on top of the natural tooth. By perfectly fitting the specific contours and look of your mouth, DuraTHIN veneers can drastically improve the overall appearance of your smile!

Are DuraTHIN Veneers for me?

Not all people are candidates for prepless veneers. The best candidates for DuraTHIN veneers are those with worn natural tooth structure, people who have small teeth, patients who had teeth extracted for orthodontic reasons when they were young, or someone whose teeth simply needs more presence.

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