Let Your Smile Shine its Brightest with Professional Teeth Whitening

If you want to improve your teeth’ appearance, professional teeth whitening services in New Orleans, Louisiana, can be the perfect solution to enhance your smile. Teeth whitening erases troublesome stains to restore your smile’s radiance and vibrancy. 

Would you like to revitalize your smile with teeth whitening? We invite you to Fleur De Lis Dental Care! Drs. Jon Celino and Jorge Aguilar offer Zoom and Glo teeth whitening to remove surface and deeply ingrained tooth stains and keep your smile shining for years. 

Professional teeth whitening options

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure designed to lighten the color of teeth. It works by using bleaching agents that contain hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. These chemicals break down into oxygen molecules, which penetrate the deep layers of the enamel to break down the colored molecules that cause stains.

Cosmetic dental offices offer professional teeth whitening that can either be done in the office or at home. This is what you need to know about these options.

  • In-office teeth whitening: This teeth bleaching happens in a dental office, where you comfortably sit in the dental chair as the dentist does all the work. In-office teeth whitening is super-fast and helps achieve your results within an hour!
  • At-home whitening trays: Your dentist can give customized whitening trays that gradually brighten your teeth at home. Whitening trays are worn about 30-60 minutes daily, and the results are visible in less than two weeks.

Benefits of professional teeth whitening

Many people don’t see the need to visit a cosmetic dentist for something they can get cheaply and conveniently at the local drugstore or supermarket. Store-bought whitening products may be easy to get, but they rarely work. Those off-the-shelf whitening pastes, pens, and strips can only keep teeth from getting darker but can’t change the color of the teeth. Worse yet, these products can damage teeth and gums when left in the hands of an amateur.

If you want to brighten your smile, only do it through a professional dentist for the reasons below.

  • Safety: Dentists use medical-grade products and supervise your treatment from start to finish for a safe outcome.
  • Longevity: Professional teeth whitening removes tooth stains from their core, resulting in durable results.
  • Consistent: DIY whitening products are inconsistent, often delivering patchy results. Professional teeth whitening removes all dental stains for consistent results.
  • Personalization: Instead of a cookie-cutter approach, teeth whitening dentists can customize your teeth whitening results to match your preferences. Whether you want a dazzling white smile or natural-looking results, we can help you achieve your goals.

Take advantage of teeth whitening today!

Want to change the color of your teeth? Please call (504) 486-3339 to schedule an appointment with Fleur De Lis Dental Care. Your bright, white smile is just a call or visit away!